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Arriving in Tokyo


Yet again back to Japan, leaving cold Norway and arriving in Tokyo to stay a few days. Now I am getting used to Tokyo life. This time I will se more of the city, as always visit my favourite places and give you some photos of what can be seen around this amazing city. First leg of my flight takes me from Kristiansand (KRS) to Oslo (OSL), from Oslo to Copenhagen (CPH) and then the following day i am arriving in Tokyo at Narita (NRT). This is a convenient way to travel from northern Europe to Japan. Here is the first photos, enjoy.


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Starting in Kristiansand, going to Oslo, relax in the new star alliance gold lounge before heading to Copenhagen airport and doing the same. Nice Scandinavian interior.


Long tag for my bag. This time with a lot of space for christmas shopping.


The new gold lounge at OSL airport. To me it looks more like a Gold Waiting room with people and chairs lined up. The space is too crowded and I think they have tried to fit too many places into a limited area.


Wing view from the SAS airbus departing daily from Copenhagen.


The flight from Copenhagen takes around 11 hours, add in the time difference and you will arrive 19 hours after departure from Denmark.


Thank you again Japan, arriving in Tokyo .


The most easy way to get from Narita airport to Tokyo is by the Narita Express railway, the N`EX (guess the Japanese tried to bee cool at a business meeting).


N`EX arriving and before anyone gets onboard the train is washed, cleaned, all seats turned around so no one have to reverse for the next hour.


You will find tickets to the Narita Express at the ticket counter when you arrive at Narita airport and have exited thought customs.


The train departs from Terminal 1, stops at Terminal 2 before heading to Tokyo.


I take the Narita Express and arriving in Tokyo at Shibuya station.


Arriving in Tokyo around 1 pm some people have already had a long day at work, a nap can be good while waiting for the train to arrive.


From train to taxi. White covers on the seat, everything clean and neat, no other place in the world you will find taxis as clean as this.


Tokyo tower as seen from Roppongi.


In a city with over 20 million people you can always be alone and relax, just close your eyes.


Smoking is not allowed on the street and all smoking is done inside a smokers area, looks green to us other people and the smell is contained in one place.


Akihabara, Electric city in Tokyo, a  perfect place to do all electronic shopping.


With stores packed floor to ceiling with electronics in all forms and shapes.


tokyo japan

At Akihabara station, so modern.


Second floor of the postcard shop in Ginza Tokyo.


In the Tsukiji area the fish market is located with a lot of fish related shops and restaurants around. If you are into fish this is a  experience to try.


Live king crab for sale.


Straight from the oceans around the word to the fish market and sold in shops within 24 hours.


Fish might not have the best smell, however this is all fresh and the smell is actually good. Reminds me of younger days in Northern Norway.


This is not anything we have in the north, fresh tuna served in thin slices is delicious.


Girls, girls, girls, hundreds of them!


Selling these pins to each other, strange hobby.

IMG_5218   IMG_5215

Tokyo Fire department ready to respond.


Taking the train, let us all look at out phones now. IMG_5095

Roppongi Crossing, here there is things going on. Normal high class place during the day, clubs and parties for locals and foreigners at night.


A reminder of home, Oslo Coffee that serves King and Queen Coffee.


Having a late night walk around Roppongi Hills, this is a high end area where a lage bank account is needed.


Designer shops decorated for the season.


All christmas gifts that you will like to have.


Samsung has decorated the street, giving everyone a Galaxy Christmas.


Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.


Clean and ready to fight crime in Tokyo.


Clean and ready to break some laws at the streets of Tokyo.


Visiting a pet shop in Roppongi, high class pets for your high class life.


All animals displayed in glass cases, nice shop.


Too cute!



Who can resist this small sweet ones playing and cuddling in paper.


The lights, narrow streets, clean, safe, got to like this City.


Japan Post delivering mail.


Getting around Tokyo is easy, however finding the right place or shop needs some skills. Most signs are in Japanese and figuring out that the place you are visiting is located at 5th floor and you have to take a elevator from the backyard can take some time.


The world famous Shibuya crossing. Starting in front and meeting a wall of people must be tested. This time as always no one got hurt and people just flow seamless across the street.



Taking the last bus home, as everything in Tokyo the bus is small and the number of people that can fit in seems endless.


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