Destination Hong Kong

destiantion hong kong

SAS have started flying a new route direct from Stockholm, destination Hong Kong. The flight time is 10 hours and 20 minutes. For a weekend destination it is some distance to cover, however, Hong Kong have not been this close to Scandinavia before.


Boarding my 07 a.m. flight from Kristiansand to Oslo.

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First leg is Kristiansand – Oslo, then it is Oslo – Stockholm before the direct flight to Hong Kong. My bag is packed and a stop at the lounge in Stockholm, complimentary Priority Pass, makes for a relaxing start to the flight.


SAS flight 963 ready for departure with an upgraded Airbus A330.


View from row 44 on the plane. Getting two economy seats is not too bad on a flight like this. After a few hours you will master 537 different positions to relax in.


Welcome to Hong Kong! Already at the airport you are greeted with best wishes for Chinese new years and special promotions in the shops.


At the airport terminal the Marco Polo hotel have a guest service counter and provide a shuffle bus connection to the hotel. Convenient and a nice bus that takes about 30 minutes.


Nice architecture at the Marco Polo hotel.

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Checking in to the Club rooms was a great experience. A dedicated floor for club members, your own reception, lounge and a nice suite upgrade trough the GHA Discovery platinum membership.


The Club lounge where breakfast is served. Since this is Hong Kong also afternoon tea and cocktails are served throughout the day.


Yes, destination Hong Kong !


The first impression of HK, shopping centers. You can not walk far between shops, malls and restaurants.


Located just 5 minutes walk from the Marco Polo hotel, trough a shopping center (of course), is the Star Ferry terminal. A passenger ferry service and tourist destination. The ferry takes you across Victoria Harbour, from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central.


Taxi is an other convenient means of transportation in HK. However this guy was pretty occupied with his six smart phones. For everyone that claims driving and texting is dangerous, this guy takes it to an other level!


Rainy streets in Hong Kong.


HK is home for over 7 million people living on 1.108 km2 of land and some of the areas have the highest price per square foot in the world.


The first night in Hong Kong walking trough the narrow streets in Kowloon.


Crowded Hong Kong as seen from Victoria Peak.


My first night ends trying to have a great view over Hong Kong from the bar at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, the Ozone bar. This night was rainy with a lot of fog so outside resulting in nothing to see (except the fog). Getting to the Ozone bar at 2 a.m. on a Friday meant that everyone had left, so I will include a photo of the empty bar for you. This is definitely a place to check out on a sunny day not too late in the evening.

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