Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

Buying a luxury watch could be a statement, a fulfillment of a dream or maybe an investment. Finding the best deals on a luxury watch in Tokyo could be difficult, especially if you do not speak or read Japanese. I will try to give you some tip here about areas and shops where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan. Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan.

With a foreign passport you can in most shops buy tax free (8% off). Some places display the price excluded tax. Remember to bring your passport to the store. If you want to pay with credit card the name of the passport holder and card needs to be the same. The easiest way to explore the second hand watch market in Tokyo is to take train between the different stations. All my favorite places are located in walking distance from a station. The destinations mentioned here can be reached by Yamanote line and Chuo line. Let us start the day in Shibuya at Shibuya station.Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan. 

Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

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Take the train to Shibuya station, if you arrive by JR-line choose “Hachio” exit.  Walk over Shibuya Crossing and hold left passing Shibuya 109. Here you will find on the right hand side two shops.

Daikokuya Shibuya


The shop is located on the corner, over 4 floors. Watches are found in the basement accesses by elevator from ground level or a narrow staircase found on the right side of the main entrance. In addition to watches they also sell bags, jewelry and other luxury goods.

House of Ikiroba Tokyo


The shop is located on the 3rd floor, accessed by elevator from ground level. They have an impressive collection of both new and second hand watches on display. In addition to watches they also have a large jewelry section. Here you can buy tax free with a foreign passport.

Shibuya Kusumoto


This is also a pawn shop with a decent range of second hand watches, bags and luxury goods. This place do not sell tax free, however some of the items can be priced at an attractive level even included tax.


Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan


Just a short train ride from Shibuya station you find the Shinjuku station and the Shinjuku area. Here are several shops that deals in second hand watches and other luxury goods.

Daikokuya Shinjuku


Large pawn shop, watches located on the second floor. Jewellery on the first floor when you enter and bags located on the third floor. Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan



Pawn shop with with watches on the second floor. Several brands, both new and second hand watches. Here you can also find some vintage models. Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

Rodeo Drive Shinjuku


A good selection of used watches and some other luxury goods like bags and jewellery. Rodeo Drive is closest to exit D5 from Shinjuku station. Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

My Watch


In the same street and close to Rodeo Drive you find My Watch. This place have a large selection of both new and used watches. Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan


From Shinjuku station take the Chuo line to Nakano station. Take the north exit and walk straight ahead to Nakano Broadway. Here you will find several shops selling used watches. Check out all the floors as there are shops specialising in vintage watches and accessories to watches.

Jack Road


Huge selection of all top brands, new, used and vintage watches.

Betty Road


Located next to Jack Road you will find hundreds of watches for her. Specialising in women watches and jewellery.



Large selection of new and used watches.Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan


From Nakano station back to Shinjuku, change to Yamanote line and continue to Ueno station. In Ueno you will find several places to search for your dream watch.



Small shop with a limited selection, could be some good finds here if they have what you are looking for. Both new and pre-owned watches.

Daikiokuya Ueno


Luxury watches, bags and jewellery. Second floor for watches, up a narrow staircase. You find Daikiokuya in several locations all over Tokyo. The selection of watches in the shop are ofter greater than online.



Specialises in Rolex, good selection of watches. Deals both new, used and vintage models. Check and compare prices as this place can be more high priced.Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan



Some watches on the second floor, bags and other luxury goods on the first floor.



Specializes in Rolex models, two locations across from each other with one that have more brands in stock. Large selection of Rolex models, new, used and vintage. Price level can sometimes be higher than similar places.

World Watch Market Quanta


Here you will find a good selection of high end watches. Brands like Audemars Piguet, Hubolt, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe and of course Rolex.



Finish your day searching for watches by taking the train to Ginza, Shimbashi station. This is one of the most high priced areas in Tokyo. You will find all the major dealers with their brand shops in Ginza. Check them out if you want a brand new watch. For those who wants a second hand watch I recommend Ginza Rasin. Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

Ginza Rasin


A wide range of used and new watches, friendly staff and good prices. The store is divided in two locations, one for all brands except Rolex and one for only Rolex. When you are at the main location the other store is across the road in “Ginza 6 -2”.


Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

Hopefully this list of stores and locations will guide you to where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan. In addition to these stores there are several others that also sell used watches. This locations will cover most needs and gives you a wide selection of both brands and models to choose from.

Most luxury dealers also sell pre-owned Patek Phillipe, Omega and Audemars Piguet among other high end brands. The businesses, companies and locations mentioned in this post are places that I am not connected with in any way other than being a customer. Before going on a quest to find your second hand watch I recommend that you do some research on prices and how to spot fake watches. From my experience in Tokyo buying from reliable sources you are certain to get what you pay for.

I recommend checking the websites to see the price level in the different stores. Use a laptop and translate in the browser, most pages are in Japanese. A visit to the different shops are necessary as you often will find more models than the ones listed online. Often the best deals never make it online. If you spend half a day you are able to check out the places I find most interesting and where I feel I am able to make the best deals. It is not common to negotiate on the price, however there can be promotions in the store, for instance “3% off – Chinese New Year Sale”.Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

Do you have any recommendation of places to check out?

Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo JapanWhere to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan

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patek philippe

Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan


Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan


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