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Beautiful Kiev Ukraine


Returning to beautiful Kiev Ukraine for the weekend. This time I will travel with KLM airlines. Due to the situation in Ukraine there is no direct flight from Norway. Departing from Kristiansand (KRS) to Amsterdam (AMS) and then to Kiev (KBP). I have booked a suite at the Hotel Ukraine, located in the heart of Kiev. Having a weekend stop in Kiev is not too common, however it is highly recommended. Value for money is good when going there as a visitor and the people are hospitable. Norway is cold and rainy this time of the year. It is forecasted around 30 degrees in Kiev. Beautiful Kiev Ukraine for a extended summer weekend, here is the photos.


All packed and ready at Kristiansand airport (KRS).


The first leg of my flight will be from Kristiansand (KRS) to Amsterdam (AMS) and from there to Kiev (KBP)


Arrived at AMS, 6 minutes until the gate for my next flight closes and I need to leave the Schengen area, run run run.


All aboard the KLM flight from Amsterdam to Kiev.


The first thing I notice at the terminal in Kiev is how dark it is, minimal with lights and electricity.


My driver could not be more happy to see me. The time is now 1 am and I guess he would like to be somewhere else than here.


The hotel arranged with pickup at the airport. 40$ is a overpriced fare in this KIA.


Welcome to Hotel Ukraine Kiev.  My home for the weekend, classic eastern architecture.


Amazing view over Maidan Square in Kiev from the balcony at the suite. Beautiful Kiev Ukraine .


Hotel Ukraine executive suite, two bedrooms, two baths, living room, fireplace, two balconies and a great location.


Really exclusive feeling at the Hotel Ukraine.     IMG_9094

The area around and the Maidan square have been refurbished after the protests. Still there is several memorials of the persons that lost their lives.


Seeing war memorials is not uncommon, however seeing memorials and photos from this war feels special, dated 2014.


Remember, do not forget.


Memorials of the ones who died at Maidan, from teenagers to pensioners.IMG_9100

Car spotting in Kiev, there is so many nice cars around.

IMG_9101 IMG_9108

Yes, beautiful Kiev Ukraine!


Ukrainian art, never seen anything like this. Interesting.

IMG_9112  IMG_9116

It is art.  IMG_9118

More art. IMG_9121

And this guy is art also.


One of the more luxurious shopping centres in Kiev, nice to see that there is more people here than last time I visited, the situation is more normal.


Close to the luxurious shops and art gallery there is all the fresh food and vegetables you need for a real Ukrainian meal.


Under the Kiev Friendship Arch


It is not really that high, do not worry. IMG_9138

Overlooking the western bank of the river. IMG_9139

It is Crazy Travel time!IMG_9141 IMG_9142

The eternal love sculpture, Luigi Peduto and Mokryna Yurzuk met in an Austrian war camp to spend two years together. After those years it would be 60 years before they met again on a tv show in 2004.


So romantic, and you can throw the key down on the cars below.

IMG_9145 IMG_9146 IMG_9148

This guy had a sleepy day at work, no lunch served here. IMG_9149

The helicopter terminal in central Kiev, perfect for Yanukovych for commuting for work.IMG_9150

Taking a walk in one of the many parks in Kiev. The city is so green and quiet.

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