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Dinner and a show in Tokyo


Thursday night and now it is time for dinner and a show in Tokyo. First up is a traditional restaurant located in Shibuya before attending a show in Roppongi at Roppongi Kaguwa. Eating out in Tokyo means fresh ingredients and a wide range of courses to choose from. Open kitchens where the food is prepared in front of you, several small dishes makes trying new courses a great experience. Expect to wait in line outside the most popular restaurants. Be prepared for a menu only in Japanese and limited English.


Mr head chef preparing the order on a grill.


Sitting around the kitchen area makes dining out a social experience.


First course served, lamb from the grill.


Hotpot is up next.


Make sure you take your time, eating out in Tokyo is a social food experience that should not be rushed.


Samsung have decorated the street for Christmas with a million galaxy lights.


In Norway a Christmas three is found in the woods, here it is more fancy design, marry Christmas.


This seems like the right area, this guy straight out of kill bill smoking a cigarette is heading the same way.


Here you get all traditional Japanese entertainment in one show! Everything is in Japanese, get there early, get food and drinks before the show and hold on tight when this intensive display of Japanese entertainment starts.


Check out this link for Roppongi Kaguwa. There show is on several times during the day.


It is not allowed to take photos during the show. After the show is finished all the cast members comes out and you are allowed to take pictures.


The place is popular among Japanese business men out for a company dinner. After the show you can get your picture taken with the stars.


And if you are lucky like me you get a private photo session.


The cast for this show displayed at the entrance.


You will find the venue just a 5 minutes walk from Roppongi Station and Roppongi Crossing.


It is art. Spider art, outside Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.


Tokyo tower as seen from Roppongi Hills. Good night after a good dinner and a show in Tokyo .


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