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Family gathering in Lübeck Germany

Family gathering in Lübeck Germany

Lübeck Germany is my weekend destination. My cousin is studying here and this year my family will gather for a weekend together in this historic town. I have booked myself a room at Ibis hotel Lübeck, my expectations are low, however value for money is always good at Ibis. My journey will take me on a flight from Kristiansand (KRS) to Copenhagen (CPH), from Copenhagen (CPH) to Hamburg(HAM), train from Hamburg to Lübeck. A quick search before going tells me that I am visiting a historic old town. Sightseeing and spending time with my family is this weekends agenda.


My Wideroe flight from Kirstiansand.


Changing to a one size bigger plane to get me from Copenhagen to Germany.


Waiting for my train at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.


My hotel is located in the not so historic and beautiful part of the city.


Ibis have made the reception look more modern.



When entering Ibis hotel I know I have at least saved some money.


Lübeck streets.


As in everywhere there is a bridge love is on the agenda.


The canals surrounding Lübeck makes for a scenic view. During the day it is possible to go on a guided tour by boat.

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