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With cheap airline fares traveling is more easy now than ever. As a subscriber of the SAS newsletter I found a discount ticket and I am traveling to Japan again. The flight I have chosen is the shortest connection from Norway to Tokyo. My first stop will be Tokyo for a few days where I will celebrate the Norwegian national day May 17th. After that my journey takes me to the historic village of Gokayama where I am staying one night. Having a short stop in Toyama, then Kanazawa is the next stop for one night. Shinkansen, the bullet train, are taking me back to Tokyo for more experiences before heading back home to Norway.


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First leg is KRS – CPH with Wideroe


While waiting for my next flight I have almost a whole working day at the SAS Star Alliance gold lounge in Copenhagen.


Lounges is the answer to easy airport life.


That is not what you want to see 15 minutes before you are supposed to be on the aircraft.

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SAS put me on a flight to Shanghai after waiting two more hours in Copenhagen. My time of arrival in Tokyo is now delayed with 6 hours, however they made sure I travel in style.


I am happy to see that the service concept is upgraded on business class. They still have more to work on before really delivering a high standard.


45 minutes stop in Shanghai


Just enough time to get a free coke at the lounge.


Being a part of the Star Alliance SAS have friends all over the world, my next flight takes me from Shanghai to Narita, Tokyo.


My first time flying with ANA and I am impressed. The experience is truly Japanese with the most polite and caring flight attendants I have encountered. Right now she is bowing to thank us all for paying attention to the safety demonstration.



I am back, thank you.


Narita express to Shibuya, I find it the most convenient way to get in to Tokyo.


After more than 30 hours traveling I am happy to finally be at Shibuya, Tokyo.


Shibuya crossing


Dinnertime, a space saving restaurant with your meal being served trough the hatch in front of you.

IMG_5225   IMG_5139

An other late night working for this guy.

IMG_5269 IMG_5260 IMG_5259

It can never be clean enough, safety first always, that hoover might be dangerous.


The fire department is out teaching kids and adults how to best put out a fire.

IMG_5256 IMG_5246

Bicycle parking outside the kindergarten in Sangenjaya.


With our national day approaching I need to get my shoes shined.

IMG_5213  IMG_5197IMG_5200

More food coming up, yes, I will have that one.


Garage and bar cabinet, hope he chooses wisely between drinking and driving.


The average ATM is a bit more complicated than the one I find in Norway. It have got a English menu, I am happy about that.


Bad sink design at this restroom.


Walking around Omotesando, having a stop to check out the Apple Watch.


Is smoking okay as long as you eat enough fruit?


Yes, that is what I am having.

IMG_5290  IMG_5154 IMG_5159

You will find all the pets so adorable, I am not sure if she got him persuaded to get this one.


It is fashion, you have might heard about it.

IMG_5115 IMG_5823 IMG_5803

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