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Seeing more of the area and getting out of the city is perfect with a rental car. I booked this sweet ride trough to take a one day drive San Francisco. Before driving I tried to Google where I should go and what to see. Some of the recommended destinations was far away and would require a night at a hotel somewhere before returning to San Francisco. Luckily the Uber driver that took me to the car location came up with several destinations that he recommended going to. This is where we we ended up in this nice Jaguar F-type 2016 model, with 385 supercharged horsepower and fully loaded with equipment. This post might contain more photos of the car than the different stops we had along the way. Driving in San Francisco is fairly easy and there is many destinations to see. Do it in a nice car and the trip will be even better.


Renting trough was a easy and convenient thing to do. I met Tony that owns the Jaguar at his place close to Diamond Heights. What a beautiful car!


1. Twin Peaks

First stop is Twin Peaks where you get a good view over the city and Bay Area. Perfect photo location.


San Francisco and the Bay Area as seen from Twin Peaks. From down town San Francisco it is only around 15 minutes drive up to the summit.


From Twin Peaks I drive back trough the city. With the steep streets of San Francisco and stop signs all over the place you get a lot of practice in hill start. Here you see the view from inside the car, any cars coming?!


2. Muir Beach

From Twin Peaks trough the city it is a 40 minutes drive to Muir Beach. The road is narrow, the scenery beautiful and perfect in this nice Jaguar. Crossing the Golden Gate bridge as I head for Muir Beach.


Safely parked at Muir beach.


From the parking it is a 3 minute walk to the beach. Nice place for a stop and there is also restrooms for those who stopped at 7-eleven and bought more pizza and soda than they should.


Muir Beach, nice location to relax and have a walk. However when a fabulous Jaguar is parked the beach experience was over in about 15 minutes.


Sunshine, relaxing, a walk along the beach and a Jaguar waiting to get going.


3. Muir Woods National Monument

Set your navigation on this destination and have a fun drive trough Muir Woods. From the Muir beach it is a 15 minutes drive.


Stopping for photos along the road, stunning location, road and car.


4. Golden Gate Bridge

From Muir woods national monument it is around 30 minutes drive to a good location viewing the Golden gate bridge, close to Battery Spencer. Along Conzelman road there is several different parking places to stop and take photos, selfies and of course a photo of your car. Be aware that there might be a lot of traffic, both cars, bikes and buses.


A selfie in front of the bridge.


This car got a lot of attitude, no worries that all parking is taken, just place it wherever.


San Francisco and the Golden gate bridge.


5. Nike Missile Site and Point Bonita Lighthouse

Continuing from Golden gate bridge, Battery Spencer and the parking overlooking San Francisco it is a 30 minutes drive out to Nike Missile site, Point Bonita light house and the marine mammal center. Here the road is also narrow and can be categorized as fun for the Jaguar.


Point Bonita lighthouse.


One way road out towards the lighthouse, perfect car and perfect road for a one day drive San Francisco .


Rodeo beach next to Fort Cronkhite.


6. Legion of Honor

From Nike missile site I head back towards the city and the Legion of Honor witch takes around 30 minutes. The Legion of Honor is a fine arts museum and a perfect break from driving all day.


Crossing the Golden gate bridge again.


Entering Legion of Honor.


The car, again, it is too beautiful.


Stopping for gas / petrol. When coming from Norway where gasoline have green hoses and diesel black ones it is essential to think twice before doing something that would be stupid.


7. Google GWC2-2, Google West Campus 2

Next destination is seeing how tings are at Google. From Legion of honor this is a 50 minutes drive. The Google campus is just a lot of buildings and Google colors everywhere. However if you plan in advance you are able to visit Computer History museum, Cinemark Century Cinema 16 and other entertainment locations next to the campus.


Now I know, Google have G-bikes to get around campus.


Please take a photo of the Android guys.


This car have helped me a lot, thank you Google.


8. Lombard Street

Returning to San Francisco to see the city at night and to drive the famous Lombard street. During the day the street is packed with cars and tourist taking photos. Coming here after dark means you get the road to yourself .


Twisting narrow and steep street, driving down Lombard street after dark.


From the photos you get a impression of how steep the streets are. This would never work in snowy Norway.


9. Golden Gate Bridge at Battery Spencer

The drive ends here, 20 minutes from Lombard street, at Battery Spencer overlooking the amazing Golden gate Bridge and San Francisco. Seeing the city both during the day and after dark is recommended. All of this can be done just in one day drive San Francisco. Such a great day in a perfect car!

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