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Summer weekend in Senja Norway


This weekend I am traveling to Senja in northern Norway. Visiting Senja in the summer can either be really good or really bad. There is no place as nice as beautiful as northern Norway when the sun is shining, however the chance of too much sunshine is pretty low. I am traveling from Kristiansand, Oslo and my flight lands at Snowman airport, Bardufoss. I am attending a wedding this weekend at “Hamn i Senja”. Here is the photos of my weekend in northern Norway, get inspired.



It is June and the mountains is still covered in snow.


Can not get enough of this view.


We are approaching the airport in Bardufoss.


Landing at Snowman International Airport, BDU.


Driving from the airport to Finnsnes, snow covered mountains and green fields.


From Finnsnes the journey continues to Senja. These roads are challenging during the winter, and if you meet a car going in the opposite direction.

IMG_6814 IMG_4627

Stopping for photos at this amazing location that is a part of the Senja National Tourist Route.


Beautiful Norwegian fjords.


Now the journey continues to Skaland in Senja.


Norway roads


White sand beach at Skaland.

IMG_4644 IMG_4647

The only house where the road ends.

IMG_4660 IMG_4648 IMG_6820   IMG_6952

From Skaland the drive continues around Senja.

IMG_6953   IMG_4679IMG_4676

Norwegian mountains that rises straight from the ocean.


To get around by car or bicycle you need to pass trough some tunnels that feel like they are from a horror movie.


The golden toilet at Ersfjordstranda.


Perfect location to have a break and do what you need to.


There is few public restrooms like this in the world.


I am attending a wedding here in Hamn in Senja, the location is remote and great for experiencing the beauty of Norway.

IMG_4700 IMG_4701  IMG_4716

The hotel provides activities like Ocean Rafting.


My Norwegian flight about to depart after a fun summer weekend in Senja.


The scenery changes drastic when I approach Kristiansand (KRS) airport, nothing can compare to the beautiful mountains in the north. With a national tourist route a summer weekend in Senja will be a great nature experience.

Summer weekend Sejna Norway is something everyone should experience.

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