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The city of the bay San Francisco


Now I will visit The city of the bay San Francisco for the first time. As before I have found some cheap airline tickets with SAS from Oslo Norway. The flight is first from Oslo to Copenhagen, then direct to San Francisco. On my list of things to do is seeing the city, visiting Alcatraz, renting a car and take a ride on the famous cable car trough the streets of San Francisco.


Leaving Kristiansand (KRS), heading towards Oslo (OSL) with SAS airlines.


The Star Alliance gold lounge at the international part of OSL is refurbished and looks now like a nice waiting room. Too much chairs lined up and not a good lounge feeling.


Facing the plane that will take me to San Francisco from Copenhagen.


After 11 hours from Copenhagen I arrive in San Francisco with my friend that is also coming along for this trip.


The luggage arrived without any damage and I have asked a not so friendly lady at the information booth about the easiest way to get to down town San Francisco, we are now heading for the BART.


The BART is the bay area rapid transport.


The train will take us to Powell street station, tourist map showing the city of the bay San Francisco , free from the not so smiling information lady at the airport.


Designing this train was maybe done some years ago. The same goes for cleaning it and sound proofing was never done. A noise cancelling headset or earplugs can be recommended to use as the noise level is high and a conversation can not be made anyway.


After the more than noisy BART ride I have arrived at PARC55, a Hilton Hotel close to Union Square.


Two queen size beds, enough dust to get yourself an allergy reaction and brown business interior.


At least the view from the top floor was good. The included breakfast, the staff recommendations for restaurant not that good. Next time I am not staying here and I think this is the last photo of the hotel, me enjoying my $1400 view.


Since this is America a real meal is mandatory upon arrival. I have heard a lot about this dish called, Hamburger and fries.


Tasted the same way as it looks, make up your own mind. Happy thanksgiving!


Seeing movies from San Francisco the Cable car is a important landmark, time for a photo, steep hill, me and a Cable car.


Visiting close to christmas to get the christmas feeling going is not the best idea, especially if you are from a place that actually have real snow. These decorated palm trees did their best to get me in the right mood, best of luck palms.


Macy`s, Barneys and all the department stores preparing for christmas and the big happening after midnight, Black Friday.

IMG_5482 IMG_5481

Happy thanksgiving!


My friend working on his hipster look in one of the shops.


Getting closer to midnight and the line is getting longer by the minute. Black Friday is coming.   IMG_5473

Too cool tram.


This day starts with Tacos since the hotel “breakfast” is not really breakfast.

IMG_1244 IMG_5489

Black Friday and all the stores packed with shoppers looking for great deals.


Discounts, discounts and even more discounts in all of the shops. Some items you get a great deal on, however my main impression about this whole thing was not that great. The main thing was that you would find some deals on items that normally is not on sale.


More deals to be made, here at Macy`s.

IMG_1243 IMG_1242 IMG_1237

I have got a few friends that would love to be here right now.


If you are in the market for custom made shoes, suits or hats check out Al`s Attire.


Get your custom shoes made here, let him measure your feet and then you will be able to get more pairs made later.


In the Italian part of the city having cake at a cafe, listening to a guy playing guitar and a hispanic woman talking loud on her phone.


Walking from Little Italy you will get to Chinatown, just like being in China.


Christmas tree at Union Square. IMG_1165

Around the city you can experience different street arts, there is even tours that you can book to be guided from one masterpiece to an other.


San Francisco police is keeping an eye on thanksgiving and black Friday people in the city.

IMG_5467 IMG_5620

Cold at night and decent temperatures during the day, even hot enough for a game of Chess outside.


This cable car is so cool.


San Francisco fire department is also on high alert for the holidays.


The beautiful Sentinel building, location of Cafe Zoetrope.


The inside of the cafe tells an exciting history, the food is not that bad either.


The Coit Tower in the telegraph hill neighbourhood. As the name says it is a hill and the only way to get there is up. It is easy by car and have your energy topped up before climbing the steps up there.


Inside you can experience wall paintings that tells the story of different political ideas.


From outside the tower there is a nice view of the Golden Gate brigde.


San Francisco as seen from telegraph hill.


Still so cool these ones.


Fishermans wharf is a major tourist destination and a good location for a walk during the day. However what this place really is or was can not easily be seen as it is covered by souvenir shops and tourists. Yes, I am one of them.


Approaching Pier 39 that is supposedly a must to visit while being in San Francisco.


Tourist all ove the place, shopping, dining and souvenirs. IMG_5704

Pier 39 christmas tree and more tourists.


Experience the sea lions at Pier 39.


From Fishermans Warf it is a great view out over the bay and to Alcatraz.


American money transport is pretty more serious than the Norwegian ones. We get a guy in a Toyota.


Getting late and dark in San Francisco, here crossing the street to the Diesel shop and the Apple Store is located on the right.


After seeing the Cable cars around the city it is time to get on it. Waiting in line took almost two hours as this is one of the most popular things to do as a visitor here.


Hanging outside the Cable Car trough the streets is a fun experience, watch your shoulders and knees as the cars comes too close for comfort sometimes.


Pianofight, a entertainment venue, standup and improv theatre tonight. This will be something new.


Ukulele friends singing, first time on stage, best of luck with this project.


Improv theatre, really!? For me this was too artistic and maybe out of my league. However the food served was good.


Now real food is on the list, a visit to the Boulevard restaurant.


The restaurant serves more than a decent meal and can be recommended.


A walk after the food enjoying some art, fancy stuff.


Then it is off to a club for some nice music until the late am.


Good night from the Parc55 view.

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