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    Tourist destination Nice

    Tourist destination Nice France Departuring from my closest airport KRS Stopping at the lounge in CPH, Priority Pass is accepted Ibis hotel Nice, your perfect low budget, low expectations stay Ocean view…

  • Destinations Europe

    Safe travel to Kiev

    Safe travel to Kiev This weekend my destination is  Kiev Ukraine, due to recent events flights are really cheap. It is only some weeks since the tragic shootdown of Malaysia Airlines…

  • Destinations Europe

    Romantic Paris

    Romantic Paris France There is no city in the world with a more romantic reputation than Paris France. I have saved this weekend for someone special, however that plan was changed…

  • Destinations Europe

    Family gathering in Lübeck Germany

    Family gathering in Lübeck Germany Lübeck Germany is my weekend destination. My cousin is studying here and this year my family will gather for a weekend together in this historic town. I have booked myself…