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    Weekend fun in Kiev

    The last days in Kiev, more exploring on the agenda, good food and a club later. A visit to the Yanukovych residence is also on the agenda and of course eat…

  • ukraine
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    Monuments in Kiev

    A new day here in Kiev. There is so much to see around the city and many monuments to visit.Ukraine have a rich history that can be remembered and learned about by visiting…

  • maidan
    Destinations Europe

    Beautiful Kiev Ukraine

    Returning to beautiful Kiev Ukraine for the weekend. This time I will travel with KLM airlines. Due to the situation in Ukraine there is no direct flight from Norway. Departing from…

  • Destinations Europe

    Safe travel to Kiev

    Safe travel to Kiev This weekend my destination is  Kiev Ukraine, due to recent events flights are really cheap. It is only some weeks since the tragic shootdown of Malaysia Airlines…