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    Dinner and a show in Tokyo

    Thursday night and now it is time for dinner and a show in Tokyo. First up is a traditional restaurant located in Shibuya before attending a show in Roppongi at Roppongi…

  • japan
    Asia Destinations

    Arriving in Tokyo

    Yet again back to Japan, leaving cold Norway and arriving in Tokyo to stay a few days. Now I am getting used to Tokyo life. This time I will se more…

  • so much snow
    Asia Destinations

    Winter days in Tokyo Japan

    Winter days in Tokyo Japan Last night was the worst snowfall in over 40 years here! For a Norwegian brought up above the arctic circle the whole situation was not that…

  • that japanese penis festival
    Asia Destinations

    That Japanese penis festival

    I have seen it on Discovery channel a long time ago. “Look at this crazy festival”, you have might heard about it, that Japanese penis festival. What is this really all…

  • car
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    Megacity Life in Tokyo

    Megacity Life in Tokyo After driving to Nikko, then Kawazaki, returning to Tokyo is relaxing. The festival mentioned in my last post was out of this world. When I spend some…