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Next stop Nairobi Kenya

I have googled, taken vaccines and packed my bags. My next stop Nairobi Kenya. After reading about this place I have not been sure about going. The other places I have travelled to have been fairly easy, not much to worry about. The things I have done before leaving is taking the right kind of vaccines, eaven if I am not staying there for many days. Visa for Kenya I have bought online and I have the confirmation with me. I have read a lot of articles about safety in Nairobi so I should now be prepared and smart enough to have a good stay. Reports from the Norwegian,  U.S and british forgein department have given me a good idea of what is important to think about.

This is from the U.S Kenya travel warning

“Violent and sometimes fatal criminal attacks, including armed carjackings, grenade attacks, home invasions and burglaries, and kidnappings can occur at any time and in any location, particularly in Nairobi”

After some searching I have booked a hotel with a okay location and good secutiry, in Nairobi it is important to stay in the right neighrborhood. My adress and lenght of stay is repported to the Norwegian forgein department if something happens during my stay. I have booked my flight with Qatar airways from Oslo, to Qatar and then Nairobi after a stop in Qatar for 8 hours. Here is my photos, get inspired.


Waiting at Oslo airport gardermoen, OSL


Qatar have a daily service from Oslo to Qatar with a Boeing Dreamliner. About to board the 6 hour flight to Doha.


Qatar airways have not spared any expenses while configuring their aircraft. Here you got it all and the best entertainmentsystem there is.


Arriving in Qatar, from Norway with 9 desgrees to Qatar with 39 this evening.


My layover is more than 8 hours so Qatar airways have arranged with visa, hotel and transport with no expenses for me.


This is my home for the next 4 hours, can not sleep away my time in Qatar, got to get out and experiece this place.


I am taking a taxi to the Qatars Souq Waquif, a big busy market with hundreds of shops, places to get food and driks. The taxiride was different as the driver kept asking for payment during the whole ride. I had agreed on a price before entering the car and did not give him anyting before I had arrived at the right location and was able to get out of the car.


This is a whole new world for a Norwegian, my first time to Doha.


Inside the narrow market streets of the Souq in Doha.

IMG_8444 IMG_8446 IMG_8448

Amazing to smell the scent of different spices.


These guys may have a better life somewhere else.



Qatar Hamad International Airport for my flight departing at 4 a.m.


The airport is a 24-hour machine of flights, shopping and luxury lifestyle.


About to board my flight from Doha to Nairobi Kenya.


Looking down on Africa for the first time.


Jomo Kanyatta International Airport Nairobi Kenya, waiting for my bag after immigration.  No one asked about vaccination and the immigration process is fast, maybe too fast.


Welcome to Africa!


Driving throug Nairobi after being picked up at the airport, listening to “Gangstas Paradise” on the radio is a new experience for me.


This is the street outside the hotel, the driver takes me behind the gates before the car in unlocked.


Cheking in to La maison Royale in Westlands Nairobi Kenya.


After reading about this place there was a big chance that spending time outide was reduced, so I booked a the Royale Suite to have a good place to stay safe inside.

IMG_8510 IMG_8515

“If you like it…”


The family is dressed nice for the weekend.


Shopping and having lunch at Galleria Shopping Mall in Langata Nairobi Kenya.


Need to stop for snack and phone credits for the driver.


Driving in Nairobi is a test of patience with traffic jams for hours and a less polite way of driving.

IMG_8557 IMG_8556

Safety first.


One of the slums, now with electrisity and several small shops.


Friday night, getting out to experience Nairobi after dark.


Club in Nairobi, great music, the only white guy is taking the photo.


Back to galleria again for dinner. Inside the gates of the mall security is tight and I am able to walk around.


Gallerias shopping crew will assist you.


Hairdresser, of course.


Westgate shopping Mall had re-opened after the 2013 attack.


Watching Hitman, Agent 47 at Westgate shopping mall.

Arriving in Nairobi Kenya have been a different experience. This world is so far from what I am used to and I am looking forward to the next days here.

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