New York Winter Visit


It is the time of the year again for a New York winter visit. As usual the journey starts in the south of Norway before breakfast in the lounge at Oslo airport. From Oslo I am taking a direct flight to Newark airport with SAS. Since I have been to New York a few times before I have planned on taking a day away from the city, rent a car and see even more on the short time I am there.


Breakfast at the SAS and star alliance gold lounge at Oslo Gardermoen airport. The lounge is located at within the international area of the airport above the duty free shop.


SAS flight ready for departure. The fleet have been upgraded with new cabins and on this flight I am flying business class.


The new configuration and seats are larger than the old ones and the space is more private with enough storage space to all gadgets you have brought with you.


Drinks and (cold) nuts served on a tablecloth that the cabin crew did not care about being straight or the right way up.


After departure the menus are handed out.


On this flight I choose the roasted reindeer for my main course.


First course served. The presentation looks simple and the napkin on the photo contains all cutlery for the whole three course meal, that means a lot of knifes and forks being in the way while trying to enjoy the food on a limited amount of space. The dish tastes as boring as it looks.


The main course, roasted reindeer served in a too small bowl making it a challenge to eat without making a mess. The fact that the potatoes are undercooked making them impossible to cut with the given knife just adds to the disappointment.


Chocolate for dessert, while looking at the plate, remembering that this is what one of the leading airlines would serve on their new business class I can not be anything else than disappointed again.


Spacious seats ready to lay down and get some sleep after the food serving.


My friend sleeping on the all flat seats while I try to find a movie to watch in the limited selection of entertainment provided by SAS.


When flying business class I do not expect to get food served with a plastic lid on. The level of not caring is high among the crew.


Breakfast is served and looks good enough after some effort by myself, stacking plastic lids in the compartments of the seat.


Finally arriving at Newark EWR after some hours in a good seat with a service that is far below expectations. When SAS choose to invest in a new cabin, the attendants in the cabin should at least invest some time to their passengers.


Taking the Airtrain from Newark to Manhattan.


The Airtrain is a fast and affordable way to get from Newark airport to Manhattan.


My friend enjoying himself in our, for the time being, private cabin of the train.

IMG_2389  IMG_2392

Tickets getting checked on the way to NYC.    IMG_2395

Manhattan as seen from the train on this beautiful day in January.

IMG_2397The train arrives at New York Penn Station.



Cheking in to Radisson Martinique hotel in Midtown New York and taking the elevator to the club floor.


At the club floor there is a lounge with complimentary fruits and snacks. There is also a workspace and sitting area with a huge TV.


Spacious enough and clean twin room.



After some hours of walking sitting down at this burger place felt great.


You just know the burger is awesome when the grease soaks trough four layers of paper.



Hat and scarf for New York winter visit .



Wrapping up the first day in New York at Gotham comedy club.


This was a fun experience with a lineup of great comedians and highly recommended if you have a New York winter visit you want to bring some warm smiles to.


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