Sunshine on Manhattan

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Yesterday was the worst snow storm in decades here. Waking up to beautiful sunshine on Manhattan. All streets and parks still covered in snow. Businesses are still closed and owners is trying to get back to normal operation again. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are closed for tourists, so now it is just a new day to relax on Manhattan and enjoy the nice weather.


Waiting for the New York Subway N train.


On board the train I do not know what to expect, it is like watching a movie, always ready for something strange to happen here.


Sunshine on Manhattan, outside the Radisson Hotel. Pedestrians are still using the roads to walk on and traffic is moving slow throughout the city.


Late brunch served, best blueberry pan cakes ever.


Freedom Tower reflecting the sun on this beautiful day.


Not easy for this squirrel to find food today, as usual begging from the tourist works in Battery Park.


Get creative in Battery Park! No tourist attractions open around here, make your own fun.


FDNY ladder 10 responding from Ten House, across from the World Trade Center site and the 9/11 Memorial.


New York Korean War Veterans Memorial in battery park with also Norway`s fallen remembered.

This monument in Battery Park, north of Castle Clinton, honors military personnel who served in the Korean Conflict (1950–1953).  The memorial, dedicated in 1991, was designed by Welsh-born artist Mac Adams (b. 1943) and is notable as one of the first Korean War memorials erected in the United States.


No ferries departing from Battery park today as the few workers that have been able to show up for work is clearing snow.


Statue of Liberty in the distance, I will try to get there later with the Statue Cruises.



Facing the Statue of Liberty across New York harbor, the East Coast Memorial is located at the southern end of Battery Park. This memorial honors the 4,601 missing American servicemen who lost their lives in the Atlantic Ocean while engaged in combat during World War II. Designed by the architectural firm of Gehron and Seltzer, the monument consists of a large, paved plaza punctuated by eight massive 19-foot tall gray granite pylons (four each on the southern and northern sides) onto which are inscribed the names, rank, organization and state of each of the deceased.


Walking in slush all day takes it toll on the shoes. Several shoe stores are all sold out of winter boots.


A massive amount of salt and melting snow have ruined my friends shoes. New one bought and replaced, nothing beats the feeling of dry socks he claims.


I guess these guys plays every day, rain or shine.


It has been warm in the sun, wet on the roads. Just enjoying sunshine on have been relaxing and quite boring as the city slowly gets back to normal.

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