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Monuments in Kiev


A new day here in Kiev. There is so much to see around the city and many monuments to visit.Ukraine have a rich history that can be remembered and learned about by visiting monuments in Kiev. Luckily I have brought some good shoes as this time like always it is a lot of walking. First stop for the day is The Monument of Eternal Glory at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier. As a smart Ukrainian told me: Remember, do not forget.

IMG_9151 IMG_9155 IMG_9160 IMG_9164IMG_9167

From this monument it is only a short walk to Monument to the millions of victims of the Great Famine that lasted from 1932-1933


A local Ukrainian reading the news.


A local Ukrainian studying her notes.


Monument to the millions of victims of the Great Famine

IMG_9172 IMG_9175 IMG_9176  IMG_9180 IMG_9192  IMG_9194 IMG_9195 IMG_9196 IMG_9199

From the year I was born, remembering the war and those who lost their lives in Afghanistan 1979 to 1989.

IMG_9203 IMG_9204 IMG_9209

Nothing to see here, all is safe!


Mother Motherland, the size is huge.

IMG_9216 IMG_9217

Close to the monument it is a exhibit of tanks and other military items.

IMG_9219 IMG_9221

Everything is okay mom.


Approaching Mother Motherland monument trough this underpass.


A powerful message from these statues.

IMG_9228 IMG_9229  IMG_9231

IMG_9232 IMG_9233 IMG_9241 IMG_9242 IMG_9244 IMG_9247

This monument is a memorial of the Great Patriotic War, world war II. The statue is 62 meters high and weighs about 450 ton, impressive.


For me these made the greatest impact, a memorial for what happened just one year ago.


At Maidan, remembering Euromaidan.


No fancy state made memorial, just a memorial by the people for the people.


Helmets, home made shields and other items used in the protests.


At Maidan photos from the front line is displayed.


Troops fighting Pro-russian separatists.



This is Europe 2015.



Jesus Ukrainian brother, good having him around.


Life seems normal in the streets of Kiev. Seeing all this monuments tells me the story of Ukraine.

Remember, do not forget.

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