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Hiroshima Weekend

crossing shibuya

Hiroshima Weekend

Again, Tokyo! Can not get enough of this place. Time to go back, experience more of life in Tokyo and also visit other places. My plan is to travel first to Tokyo, relax there for a few hours before I take the Shinkansen, the “bullet train” to Hiroshima and spend two days there before returning to Tokyo again. In Hiroshima I will visit Miyajima and Hiroshima peace memorial park and museum. I have packed warm clothes and a ski trip is also on my list since I want to experience winter and snow in Japan. When travelling in Japan I find the possibilities endless of things to do. This time around I will add new experiences to my list and explore more of Japan. Here is the photos, get inspired.



Flying with SAS from Norway as they have the shortest connection from my airport Kristiansand to Narita, Tokyo.


Ready for the first leg, KRS-OSL, then it is OSL-CPH before CPH-NRT.

IMG_3016   IMG_3022 IMG_3024

Star alliance Gould Lounge at Kastrup (CPH)

IMG_3025IMG_3026  IMG_3031

Japan from above.


Thank you, it is good to be back!


In the suburbs of Tokyo, space is luxury.


Arrived in Tokyo, Shibuya station.


The world famous Shibuya crossing, this must be experienced.


Clean, clean, clean, clean.

IMG_2957IMG_2959 IMG_2958


As the rest of Tokyo you will find the taxies clean and tidy.

IMG_3065  IMG_2988IMG_2978IMG_2976   IMG_2980    IMG_2989IMG_3007IMG_3000

Dinnertime as I arrive in Hiroshima.


After a while I fgured out why my rice tasted fish.


Walking the streets of Hiroshima.


Karaoke time!

IMG_3102 IMG_3103 IMG_3099

Since I am Norwegian I had to choose a popular song from home, not my wisest decision.

IMG_3097IMG_3009IMG_3010 IMG_3013 IMG_3077

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