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Spring weekend in Harstad


This weekend my stop is Harstad and Sortland in norhtern Norway. Travelling north to visit my family and new nephew. First leg of the journey is from Kristiansand KRS to Oslo Gardermoen OSL, changing flight there and Evenes EVE is my final destination. Norwegian ariline will take me there for a reasonable price. I will spend one day in Harstad before taking Hurtigruten from Harstad to Sortland where my sister and her family lives. Here is the photos for your inspiration. For more ideas of what to do when visting Harstad check this website.


Norwegian airlines from Kristiansand to Evenes


After watching too many episodes of air crash investigation I always prefer to sit next to the wings of the aircraft. If it is a better chance to survive a unexpected situation I do not really know.


My street in the north, the playground have not been used in many years as the kids in the neighrborhood have all grown up.

IMG_4347    IMG_4331

Home to home made strawberry jam on home made slices of bread with enough butter on, lovely.


Enjoying the view over Harstad city centre from a cafe, this is not the most busy town I have been to.


Harstad harbour, still a quiet place.


Harstad city streets, this building houses a chineese restaurant now, in my young days it had one of the most popular clubs in Harstad.


One of the residents here have a good sense of humor, I do not really know witch one of them.

IMG_4507 IMG_4505  Processed with Moldiv

Boarding Hurtigruten early morning from Harstad.

IMG_4391 IMG_4501

We are serious about our winter shoes in the north.

IMG_4389 IMG_4388   IMG_4380

Bring your own blanket and have a nap in one of the saloons.


IMG_4378   IMG_4375




Arriving at Sortland.


My niece is so happy with the birthdaygift I got for her, this stereo makes her reach a lot of new places.


Saying hi to my newborn nephew for the first time. What a kind little kid.


Evening routines in the bathroom, get undressed, empty your….


Back in Harstad now at my granmas place, as the sign in the entrance says: Welcome to our home.


Grandma coocks for the family.

IMG_4358IMG_4359  IMG_4363

Original classic -70`s bathroom.

IMG_4354    IMG_4320

Back to the south after a fun and good weekend in the north. Always nice to see my family again.



Ready for the last leg, Oslo Kristiansand.

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