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Spa and relax in Seoul


When a long day is ending going to Spa and relax in Seoul is a good idea. This evening I am heading for Dragon Hill Spa& Resort in Seoul located next to Yongsan station. The spa is open 24h and the time you spend there after paying the entancefee is not limited.


Arriving at Dragon Hill Spa&Resort , the perfect place to get spa and relax in Seoul .


Bamboo and green lights gets you in the mood for what is to come inside the Spa.


Pay the entrancefee at the recaption and get your key for locker with a built in chip for payment inside the Spa. You get your spa shorts, t-shirt and towels handed to you here.


Lockers for your shoes right inside of the reception. Mens locker on the left hand side, womens on the right.


After putting away your shoes head for the spa floor, one entrance for men, one for women. The mens spa is located at the 5th floor and a elevator takes you there.


Floor guide for Dragon Hill Spa&Resort. Here you do not want to be unconfortable being naked among several others. Since there is a no photo policy at the 5th floor (and I did not have any place to hide the camera) becase clothes is not needed. Put your things in the designated locker and head out to the different bath just as god created you.


In the main hall you wear your spa outfit and can lay down on the tiles to relax, watch tv, buy some snack from the shop or just take a nap. Close to here you also find “healing zones” where you can get healed.


Game zone, pay with your wristband and have fun with your friends. This Spa is a popular destination for couples on date.


Kids, adults, families and couples all enjoy time at the resort.


Internet and gaming in the basement. On the opposite side there is a cinemaroom showing Korean movies and coupled cuddeling on the floor.


In the -14 degrees celcius room.


With my snowman friend! Should be good for your health and the tiles in the main hall feels amazing after 10 minutes here.


Snack payed for on my wristband, you pay your tab while leaving the Spa. Sitting on the heated tiles on a Saturday night eating potato chips is something I have not done before. This could be a new Norwegian activity since heated tiles is pretty common in houses here.


Lay down and relax with the Koreans.


Base ball game showing and on the floor you see cushions to rest your head or arm on.


Traditional wood heated sauna, you smell like a forrest trip in Norway after this one.


Leaving the Spa after several hours spent showering, bathing, playing, eating, relaxing and sleeping. Spa and relax in Seoul was a good experience.


Seoul Korea art as I am ready to head back to the hotel and leave Seoul.


There is always someone being annoying at the airport, this guy won the “most annoying” award today.


Returning home, first a stop in Tokyo for a few hours before my flight departs from Narita to Copenhagen.


ANA flight ready to depart from Seoul Gimpo airport to Haneda airport in Tokyo. 6 hours sleep before I head out to Narita for the next leg of my flight.

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