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Romantic Paris France

There is no city in the world with a more romantic reputation than Paris France. I have saved this weekend for someone special, however that plan was changed on a short notice. This weekend was planned 6 hours prior to my flight departing. I got a call from my friend that he was going to Paris France, I just booked a cheap ticket and will meet up with him in about 7 hours.

A romantic Paris weekend was something I had saved on my list for a more special occasion, guess this would be special enough, just not romantic. Seeing all the sights, exploring the city and have a relaxed summer weekend stop is what we will do.


Flying with SAS from Kristiansand, to Oslo and direct to Paris.


Ready for the first leg after just a few hours sleep. Luckily I always fall asleep before the plane gets of the tarmac and normally I wake up when the plane is descending.


What a nice SAS plane. Since this is a small airport (KRS) it is normal to walk form the terminal building and out to where the planes are parked. Just make sure you get in to the right one.


My friend traveled via Amsterdam and now I just met him at the terminal. Taking the train from CDG ariport to Paris.


Busy day at arriving in Paris. Choosing the summer for a weekend stop here was not the best idea. Tourist overload.


Too romantic at Arc De Triomphe Etoile Hotell, however the location is central with only a short walk to Arc de Triomphe.

IMG_1575 IMG_1581

Lunch at a french Cafe, the old man next to me is reading the newspaper for today.


Just 2 minutes walk from the hotel and together with a million other tourist at the Arc.


Watch out for aggressive traffic while taking your tourist photos of the Arc.


Mercedes-Benz gallery at Champs Elysèes


Classic one at Mercedes.


Champs Elysèe


Dreaming, again.


Getting around in Paris was done most by walking and taxi. English skills for the taxi drivers could have been better.


Shopping at Goyard. This shop is located in a street with several high end design luxury brands.


Thank you for wearing glows while reading my passport.


It is June and so warm here, walking around takes too long and to see all the sights a Segway tour is perfect.

IMG_1619  IMG_1621 IMG_1645

The famous Eiffel tower, 324 meters high, a tourist magnet and a awesome sight in Paris both day and night. Bring some snack and have a romantic Paris picnic in front of the tower.


The tower as seen from the other side, finally getting to see what I have watched in movies and on TV for years. It is possible to go up in the tower and it is recommended to book tickets in advance. The lines were so long and waiting for hours in the heat was not anything I would like to do.


World cup at a local sports pub.


Trying out some french cuisine.

IMG_8111  IMG_8117 IMG_8118

I think France won.

IMG_8137 IMG_8149



At Silencio Club paris, amazing atmosphere, cool music and design by David Lynch.

IMG_8159  IMG_8170 IMG_8174 IMG_8178 IMG_8181 IMG_8184

Late night, early morning in Paris.


Spending the last night at a cheap “hotel hell” close to Gare du Nord.

IMG_8204   IMG_8255IMG_8215

I am out for an evening walk, destination the Eiffel Tower.


Walking at night to see the lights on the tower. A must when visiting romantic Paris.



My romantic Paris weekend stop is over, waiting for my flight back home. Going to Paris was a fun experience. I would go back here, just not in the middle of summer with the millions of other tourist visiting.

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