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Subzero Weekend in New York

Subzero Weekend in New York U.S.

This weekend New York is my destination, a great place to go after a busy time at work. I am traveling with my friend and on our list is good food, basket game, clubs and big city life. We are taking a direct flight from OSL to EWR with SAS. Now there is several different airlines offering direct flights from Norway to the U.S..  We are traveling in business class and our first stop for the day is the lounge at OSL, Oslo Gardermoen Norway.


Breakfast at the OSL business lounge for all Star Alliance members.


Bread with brown cheese is a Norwegian classic breakfast and I got time to do some work here before departuring.

Processed with Moldiv

On board the flight that takes 8 hours and 25 minutes.


The couple on row 5 found a interesting article


New York, landing at Newark


Yellow cab from the airport to Manhattan


Lobby at Hotel Paramount



Twin room at Paramount Hotel, small rooms but super central location right next to Times Square. If you do not like millions of people outside your door you shold choose an other hotel This is perfect for all tourist things with short distances to several attractions.



Paramount hotel seen next to the Scientology building


-13 degrees celcsius, I should have brought more warm clothes. This is even colder than Norway right now.


Got to get them tourist shots at Times Square

IMG_2015 IMG_2014IMG_2280 IMG_2021

Due to the cold temperatures we had to take several stops when walking around, here is a hat shop, not that we wanted to buy a hat, it was just too cold outside. Thanks for warming us 10 minutes.


IMG_2242  IMG_2236 IMG_2235 IMG_2234IMG_2023 IMG_2283Processed with MoldivIMG_2121 IMG_2117 IMG_2114  IMG_2109   IMG_2124IMG_2147

PH-D Rooftop lounge

IMG_2153IMG_2144 IMG_2154IMG_2163IMG_2291 IMG_2290 IMG_2287IMG_2178

Go Knicks

IMG_2186IMG_2189  IMG_2184 IMG_2182

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